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Client:                            FX | Welcome to Wrexham

Agency + Role:               Game Seven | Pop-up Design Direction + 3D Buildout

 Project Description:        The passion and love that sports fans pour into the game is like a job. And like everything with                                        sports fans, they take that work seriously. They might be one of the 8MM+ Fantasy Premier                                            League managers, 7.6MM+ FIFA22 FUT creators, or simply a diehard supporter who claims                                          they could run their favorite club.

                                    We'll draw sports and McReynolds fans in with the opportunity to work with a couple of famous                                      guys that could use all the help they can get. In this activation, Ryan and Rob are seeking a                                            new teammate to help them make big decisions, and take care of the things they can’t quite                                            figure out. We will do this by hosting post-game interview-inspired interviews digitally and IRL                                        with pop-ups in key markets.

                                    Although this was never green-lit due to COVID, check out some of the highlights below!